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Menus for Friday, October 24, 2014

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Daily Items

Nutritive Analysis

Baked Ham
Chicken Parmesan (no pasta)
Sauteed Beef Tips w/Rice
Soup, Roasted Pepper & Corn*
Turkey & Rice Soup

Nutrient values are useful guides but must be considered estimates. The nutritional content may vary due to natural factors like soil quality and climate as well as processing and preparation variations and user added ingredients.


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Nutrition Tips

 Do you know that too much salt in your diet  can lead to high blood pressure? High blood  pressure is dangerous because it can lead  to a stroke, which can be fatal. For optimal  benefits, try to consume no more than 1500 mg  each day. Sodium is found in processed foods  like cheese, deli meats, frozen dinners, and  many snack foods. Read those nutrition labels  to find out how much sodium you consume each  day!

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