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Menus for Sunday, February 07, 2016

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Stuffed Shells w/Marinara*
Turkey, Deep Fried
-- Garden Soups --
Cereal, Oatmeal**
Garden Vegetable Soup**
Seafood Chowder

Daily Items

Nutritive Analysis

-- Daily Specials --
BBQ Chicken Breast

Ingredient and nutritional content may vary. Manufacturers may change their formulation without notice and Dining Services will not be aware of changes until the manufacturer provides notice. Food allergic guests and those with other food intolerances should consult a Chef or Manager in the Dining Center for specific ingredient questions. These guests may also consult Dining Services Registered Dietitians for additional assistance.


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 Snacking is a regular part of many American's  lifestyles. 75% of people have at least one  snack a day. When choosing a snack, it is  much more important to determine what and how  much you eat than when you eat. Smart snacks  include fruits, vegetables, popcorn, baked  chips, low-fat yogurts, and many others. Make  sure you are a smart snacker today!

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