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Menus for Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Daily Items

Nutritive Analysis

Meat Lasagna
Salmon Filet
Texas BBQ Beef Brisket
Brunswick Stew
Cereal, Oatmeal**
Roasted Garlic Tomato Bisque

Nutrient values are useful guides but must be considered estimates. The nutritional content may vary due to natural factors like soil quality and climate as well as processing and preparation variations and user added ingredients.


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Nutrition Tips

 Did you know that iron deficiency, anemia, is  the most common nutritional deficiency? Women  are more likely than men to be deficient. The  RDA for menstruating women is 15 mg per day  and the RDA for men is 10 mg per day. Foods  that are good sources of iron include nuts,  eggs, lean red meats, and leafy dark green  vegetables.

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